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Patient Education Center

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Choosing effective patient education materials

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Patient/Family Education Teaching Guide: Health Essay

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Patient Education (Self-Management training) - Diabetes Mellitus

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Choosing effective patient education materials

Cancer Patient & Family Education Center – OncoLink – Penn Medicine Recovering After a Stroke: A Patient and Family Guide – Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality [PDF] Reproductive Health – Patient Education Fact Sheets – Association of Reproductive Health Professionals.

Clinical Tools, Patient Education, & Outreach. 0 results Filter 0. Get tips for you and your family about being healthy by eating healthy foods and being active. which may increase your risk for serious health problems. Losing a small amount of weight may lower your risk. Better Health and a Better You.

Patient Education Visit the all new Access reliable health information and patient handouts ( for the whole family on, the AAFP's free patient. The specifics of patient education vary from patient to patient and over time.

However, general content areas for patient education include information about: The patient’s condition and the nature of the patient’s chronic pain. Mulitlingual health information for refugees and their health care providers Patient Education Materials The following examples demonstrate the Friends of Family Health Center’s approach to patient.

From a distance, it looks like health care has always been patient-centered. After all, the focus is on healing the patient. Engaging Patients and Families as Partners Improvement Stories needs, and values and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions.”.

Patient family education teaching guide health and
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Patient Education - AAFP Core Educational Guidelines - American Family Physician