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A thesis is required for all programs leading to a Plan A master's degree, and a dissertation is required for the doctor of philosophy degree. This manual was written by the Graduate School.

2. Does UC require me to make my dissertation/thesis open access? It depends on your campus. Seven campuses (see list above) make their theses and dissertations open access in eScholarship, at no cost to students.

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By contrast, ProQuest, the world’s largest commercial publisher of ETDs, charges a $. FORMS & INSTRUCTIONS for submitting your Doctoral Dissertation or Master’s Thesis. 2. Choose your publishing option, Open Access Publishing Plus or Traditional Publishing. 3. Select any necessary embargoes and restrictions.

your dissertation or thesis, you.

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Author Rights Sessions. If you want to learn more about your basic rights as an author, publisher policies for posting on the web, author options and tools for retaining rights, and additional options such as publishing in open access journals, then plan to attend one of our sessions on Author Rights.

made available through open access by TAMU libraries and the Texas Digital Library. The Dissertation Manual and the style guide, the Thesis & Dissertation Manual overrules the style guide. For example, the more sophisticated publication and layout practices of some journals are. HOW a thesis/dissertation is to be published: Audience Selection Open Access: Release the entire work for free access worldwide on the internet.

Availability of the full text is .

Open access thesis and dissertation guide
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