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APA Citation Style Guide

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The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) is in paper format only and can be found at the Reference Desk in the library.

APA Citation Style Guide: Home

In the Publication Manual, you will find useful tips on how to correctly format your paper and how to cite the resources you used in your paper. APA Citation Style Guide.

APA Style: Basics

A guide from the Landmark College Library, updated for the 6th edition (© ) APA Style. American Psychological Association’s Style of citing sources.

Sample references comprise every type covered in the sixth edition of the Publication Manual, everything in the APA Style Guide to Electronic References, and items pulled from the APA Style Blog. APA Documentation Guide.

APA Documentation Guide

The APA documentation system is commonly used in the social sciences and education, as well as in fields such as nursing. While the APA provides clear-cut instructions for citing standard publication types, some business resources have unique elements that make it necessary for us to make an interpretation of the APA rules.

Some of the examples provided on this guide are adaptations made by the Bentley Library's reference librarians for the Bentley University community. This guide is intended to help you cite sources in APA style, avoid plagiarism, learn what APA style is and includes, find examples of APA style, lead you to campus resources that can help you cite sources in APA, and more.

Welcome to the Purdue OWL Apa style guide
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Reporting Statistics in APA Style